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Hold the Child is an equal opportunity employer that cherishes optimal career development for men and women of all walks in compliance to our values and policies and regulations. Our career opportunities are categories as Job Opportunities and Volunteer Opportunities.


Providing support to the immense needs around us calls for various aspects of Volunteerism. Volunteering is a fun and self-rewarding experience that does not only benefit our beneficiaries, it brings on new personalities, expertise to our organisation and provides a loop to another horizon of one’s career path; Our Organisation was founded by volunteers and we cherish Volunteers.

Our Volunteer offers are designed to contribute to addressing the 4 core needs i.e. need for services, protective environment, voice for children and vulnerable of society and innovate for children. And such offers are categories under:

- Professional providers i.e. Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Social workers etc.

- Animators i.e. Community mobilisers, trainers (various backgrounds) etc.

- Program support i.e. Administrators, Operations, Logistics, Security, Drivers etc.

- Production and Fundraising i.e. actors, presenters, writers, producers, camera men, event organisers etc.

Prior Experience

Based on our operational context, we might not have a lot of room for basic training sessions, and so we would be interested in candidates who have prior exposure to the Category offer(s) of their interest Other desirable abilities include;

(i) Fluency in English, Arabic is added advantage,
(ii) Excellent written and verbal communications,
(iii) Analytical with ability to think laterally in problem solving,

(iv) Leadership skills

Administrative Terms

Depending on one’s origin our offers are segmented into; National and International volunteers

1. National Volunteers are often times working in their home areas and are associated with administrative issues including;

Local travels


2. International Volunteers come from Over sees and are associated with administrative issues including;

International travels 

Visa processing

Medical insurance 

Local travels 



In both cases the management gets down with prospective Volunteers over the above administrative as well as the period of service to explore workable options with the resource constraints ahead of the engagement
Interested? Forward your resume and express your interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., With a Subject “Volunteer Application”